Cusimax CMIP-A900R 900W Infrared Cooktop (Mini,Red)

Product number: CMIP-A900R


Product Specs:


  • Single crystallite glass plate with red painted surface is high thermal efficiency.
  • Temperature can be adjusted through the control knob from min to max heating position.
  • Small size for particular need such as heating milk for child, it is space saving to keep kitchen neat.
  • Residual heat can keep warming for a while, stay fresh to taste.
  • The infrared cooktop is far infrared heating and has no electromagnetic radiation, harmless to the body.

Product Description

Product features

. Adjustable temperature control

. 900W of power, 120V

. Heating plate diameter 150mm(5.91 in)

. Crystallite glass plate


It is handy and surely provides extra countertop cooking options. Cusimax infrared cooker with power of 900W, it can heat up instantly and evenly in few minutes. Indicator light shows the burner is working, reminding not to touch it. Crystallite glass plate allows for quickly heating of different cookware, reducing waiting time. Also no radiation cares for your family health. To reach thermostatic temperature, you can easily turn the control knob to the desired position which will stay stable for fast cooking. With the small size of the appliance, it shows a neat kitchen to your guests.

Safety use and care with Cusimax

Ensure safety please do not use unstable pan and submerge in water. When turn off, it still needs more than 15 minutes to cool down. You can put the hand over the surface about 1.18''-1.97'' to feel whether there is any residual heat.

Reasonable care will ensure many years of service from your unit. Easy cleaning with a damp, soft cloth or sponge , but never use harsh abrasive or steel wool pads on any part of the burner as they may scratch the surface or damage the unit.

Worry-Free Warranty

At Cusimax, we believe in our products. That's why we back them all with an 18-month warranty and provide friendly, easy-to-reach support.

So Don't Waste Another Minute Struggling and Get To Cooking!

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